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Overview of Spheronization
Why Spheronize?

Advantages of Spheronizing Pharmaceutical Compounds:


Definition of Spheronization:
The formation of small spheres of material.

Spheronization, or Maramuerization, is a rapid and flexible process where pharmaceutical products are made into small spheres, or spheroids. Spheronized products are relatively dense, of a uniform in size and shape and have defined surface characteristics. The flow characteristics of spheres makes them suitable for transportation by most systems found in the pharmaceutical industry. Spheres provide the lowest surface area to volume ratio and thus pharmaceutical compounds can be coated with a minimum of coating material.


The advantages of Spheronization are described further below …


1. Optimum Flow and Handling Characteristics

picture of spheroids



2. More Reporduceable Packing Into Small Containers

Capsules fulled with spheroids


3. Minimum Surface Area/Volume Ratio

4. Optimum Shape for Coating and for Controlled Release

a pile of white and blue colored spheroids


5. Easy mixing of non-compatible products

piles of different colored spheroids



6. Elimination of Dust

A pile of powder and a pile of spheroids



7. Improved Hardness and Friability

A bottle of spheroids, suggesting that spheronization improves hardness and, therefore, handling



8. Improved Packing of Beds and Columns

Capsules fulled with spheroids


9. Summary: Why Do It?

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