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The Caleva Spheronizer 500

A Production or Pilot Plant Spheronizer
for Spheronizing Pharmaceutical Compounds

The Caleva Spheronizer 500

The Spheronizer 500 is a floor standing production Spheronizer that can be customized to your requirements. This model is designed for large scale experimental use and small quantity batch production. The pharma Spheronizer 500 is a size step upwards from the Spheronizer 380.  An increase in power and size significantly increases the batch size possible for the apparatus. It is small enough to be moved on the fitted casters yet sturdy enough to be considered as production equipment. It is designed to work as companion equipment with the Caleva 40 gear extruder or Caleva 35 screen extruder.

The Spheronizer 500 is a robust, mobile medium size production machine.

The front panel has all the main controls. The spheronizer disc is driven by an AC motor with an inverter. Disc speed is controlled by an analog potentiometer with digital speed display in RPM. There is also an optional PLC available allowing up to 10 preset disc speeds. The machine uses an electronic timer with push button controls or the PLC to set spheronization time and product discharge. The automatic mode allows user-defined processing times, and an Manual/Auto changeover switch is provided to allow the user to override the automatic timer control, if necessary. The optional PLC controls allows the user to set time points as well as set the speed of the spheronizer at specific time points.

The spheronizer 500 is supplied with a spheronizing disc with 6mm square pitch cross hatch as standard. Other types of discs are available.

The operator is protected from all moving parts by a safety interlocks and is designed in accordance with GMP guidelines.




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