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Overview of the Spheronization-Extrusion Process

Wet Granulation

Granulation: from Latin for grained, A series of industrial unit processes used to force agglomeration and the formation of granules

Agglomeration: size enlargement during which fine powders are formed into larger, physically strong particle agglomerates, or granules, within which the original particles can be seen

Wet granulation involves the mixing of dry active ingredients and excipients using a fluid, which must be safe and volatile enough to be dried in a subsequent drying step. The binding liquid must also contain the binding agent as well as a solvent, such as water or alcohol.

Reasons for Granulating:















Process Associated Variables
dry mix callout

Mixer Type and Settings
Dry Mixing Time

add binder callout Binder Concentration/Volume
Binder Addition Rate
Binder Addition Method
Wet Mix Callout

Final Liquid Content
Wet Mixing Time

sifter type and settings callout Sifter Type and Settings
dryer type and settings callout Dryer Type and Settings
Granule Moisture Content
mill type and settings callout Mill Type and Settings

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