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The Caleva Extruder 100

A Production Gear Extruder
for Extruding Pharmaceutical Compounds

The Caleva Extruder 100

The Caleva Model 100 is a gear type production extruder is designed to impart veryyl little work to the pharmaceutical product as it is processed. The Extruder 100 is a little bit larger than the Caleva Model 40 Extruder and its capacity complements the Caleva Model 700 Spheronizer.

The Extruder 100 is suitable for most low pressure wet extrusion processes used in solid dosage processing. Extrusion performed by two detachable, contra rotating gears. This action generates minimum heat and does not work the product excessively. This makes it ideally suited for extruding pharmaceutical products. Feeding can be done manually or automatically by auger feed.



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